Brett James Parker

Writer in Wellington, New Zealand

G'day! My name is Brett and I'm an aussie writer living in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, since December 2016 with my annoying chusband (chubby husband) David, but we dream of moving to France.

My first book, Once Upon A World, is coming soon!

I hatched in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, sometime during the Mesozoic era, developing opposable thumbs and basic reasoning in March, 1969.

As a storyteller I bash out epic fantasies and space operas. Please read the backcover blurb of each individual book to make sure it appeals to you.

I'm at my most creative around 3am after ingesting large amounts caffeine while fondling an unopened block of chocolate. These forbidden carbs draw out my darkest thoughts and power the ugly realms I build in my novels. Carbs also make me fat.

David and I have been together since 1996, and were legally married in April 2018 after Australia finally legalised same-sex marriage. We're disgusted with the way Australia normalised hate speech, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on a plebiscite which gave every nutjob a platform to spew their hate and lies. That money could have gone towards locking up boat people.

(Kidding! Australia's indefinite refugee detention policy is the main reason we won't live in Australia, paying taxes into an inherently racist system.)

As an individual with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, I'm a passionate advocate for IIH and mental health awareness. My brain has been squeezed by high spinal fluid pressure since my early 20s, if not earlier. The result is like living with a constant concussion... fugue states, Schizoaffective Disorder, visual impairment, heat intolerance, and various other neurological problems. The ketogenic diet helps me manage my symptoms.

David and I are lucky enough to have four wonderful godchildren, all the offspring of our best friends who live in Brisbane. We also have an incredible godson-in-law who is like a son to us, plus another branch of this beautiful family in Tasmania. We aren't related, but we're family. I wish I were able to fly, so I could see them more often.

The kids all consider David and me to be their guncles (gay uncles). They're shrill, sarcastic, annoying, and frequently fragrant. We love them deeply. None of these hellspawn enjoy my books, but nobody's perfect ;)

My books are available exclusively at Amazon for all Kindle devices and apps. If you enjoy my work, tell your friends. If you don't, tell your enemies ;)

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