Binda Universe


Wracked by war and long-term abuse, Earth can no longer sustain life. Humanity is dying, with the last vestiges desperately scraping together an existence below ground. Salvation is discovered, however, in orbit around Jupiter.

A cluster of bubbles, each the size of a marble, is scooped up by a routine mining craft in transit to Jupiter. During discovery and experimentation, scientists determine that the bubbles can expand. They grow to encompass any volume of air or materials placed inside them, protecting their contents from the harsh environment.

After several years of negotiations, bickering, and undeclared war, the bubbles are ultimately divided up amongst the surviving children of Earth. Each group, culture, or co-op establishes a colony inside their assigned bubble, and humanity breathes a collective sigh of relief. Safe, at least for now...

In an unexpected twist, the bubbles lift off and leave the surface of the planet as the last survivors enter their assigned habitat... an event that would become known as 'The Exodus'. For millennia, the bubbles have floated aimlessly throughout the solar system. The contents of each bubble change and evolve, with each colony developing their own customs and cultures, genetic traits, or even species.

This universe is the setting for various standalone short stories and novels.

'Bubble Federation', the first novel from this epic universe, is coming soon!