The Miondor series is an epic saga of seven fantasy books, featuring heroes and villains, living and dead people, love and conflict, kings and whores, powerful religions, prophecies, fantastical creatures, and a myriad of fascinating concepts.

Miondor is a flat world with two major landmasses, teetering in space between a red sun and a blue sun. The oceans are acidic, and at least one sun is always present in the sky. Darkness comes just once a year, a brief period known as True Night, the birth of the new year.

The lands split into two, politically and physically, during a cataclysmic event called The Division which occurred over two thousand years ago. On the landmass to the red, the people rebelled and formed the Republic of Miondor. On the landmass to the blue, the Monarchy of Miondor still reigns.

An uneasy peace has existed between the two lands since The Division... a peace strained by corrupt politicians, the secret machinations of cloistered organisations, and the mystical workings of religions which determine each individuals personality and path in life.

Add to this powder keg the oppression of the Vash Morah (a subservient race of undead blood drinkers) and the rise of Enfor (the mythical underworld), and the ordinary Deity-fearing folks of Miondor are in for a rough ride.

This epic saga is confronting, shocking, and surprising. Subtle themes, full of nuance, have been washed away in the blood and tears of Miondor's people.

These books will take your breath away.