Once Upon A World


Miondor. Two suns. Acidic oceans. True Night comes once a year.

Prince Eraus, second son of King Horaus and Queen Moran, was born of True Night. He's shy, bookish, and adored by the people. Torn between his devotion to duty and his desire for obscurity, Eraus wants to live a quiet, uneventful life.

Two lands. No innovation. No progress. An uneasy peace.

Gertie Ferked is pragmatic and intelligent. A patient presidential candidate, she's planning sweeping changes to make life bearable for the downtrodden masses. Her passion is equal rights for Vash Morah, a flame fanned even brighter by the murder of her daughter, Uma, who returns as one of the undead.

Two religions. One all-powerful. One covert. Both demand devotion.

Fredder is a hermaphrodite, declared a Seducer by the Deity. Ve provides sex for silver and offers unbreakable confidentiality, should you wish to share your secrets and lighten your load. Fredder is fun-loving, intuitive, and knows exactly what you want.

Vash Morah. Subservient race of undead blood drinkers.

Queen Moran, wife to King Horaus and mother of his five children, is a Deity-declared Enforcer sitting in judgement at court. Moran is protective of her position, ruthlessly scheming to place her oldest son on the throne; preferably sooner rather than later. She has a big secret.

Legends rise again. Prophecies, once mocked, are now dreaded.

Zed Krez grew up on the Bridge, dreaming of touching land. He's naïve and innocent but craves experience, seeking exposure to as many different people and cultures as possible. After the Deity declares his aspect, Zed leaves the Bridge and walks the worlds. His adventures are extraordinary.

Cloistered, secretive organizations scheme for power.

Ruffalo Wade, Deity-declared Seducer, is handsome, charming, and perpetually drunk. He's good with his words, but even better with his hands. Horrific scars deny him the fulfilment offered by the Deity, so he turns to the dark religion to reveal another aspect of his personality.

Enfor. The mythical underworld rises.

Horaus, King of the Monarchy of Miondor, is dying. He's a Deity-declared Nurturer, beloved by his people for his philanthropic work and traditional ethos. King Horaus is insightful, aware his wife is slowly poisoning him. No, that isn't Queen Moran's big secret.

A cataclysmic shift is coming.

'Once Upon A World' is book 1 of 7 in the epic Miondor series by Brett James Parker